deemix-pyweb changelogs

Always do a clean install when updating

# 2020.10.15-6eb91e4227

  • Added start and finish generating queueItem toasts for better feedback
  • Added link context to queueItems generating errors
  • Made the --server flag work again
  • Fixed app not closing when sending termination signal
  • Fixed download errors when some data is missing
  • Fixed download of local mp3s
  • Fixed SYLT tag adding blank lines (Music players can read that as end of file)

# 2020.10.14-798e32f18c

  • Did some code refactoring
  • Added more stuff for lidarr implementation
  • Added check for FLAC Download errors
  • Added "More Albums" tab to "All" for artists
  • Made standard artists download use the "All" tab instead of the standard API
  • Added check for write in download folder (it defaults if not writable)
  • Added check for corrupted download queue
  • Added albumNotFound download error message
  • Added and updated translation files
  • Added download button in favorites
  • Added update notification in sidebar
  • Fixed sync lyirics timing
  • Fixed issues with spotify tracks converison
  • Fixed search issues with py-BR
  • Made "Move feat to title" work with all artist configuration
  • Removed jQuery (load times should be faster)
  • Started working on accessibility
  • Moved back button to top left of the content
  • Changed default theme to dark
  • Dropped support for 32bit machines
  • Moved QtWebEngine cahce in config folder (now deleting the config folder should resolve all startup issues)

# 2020.09.21-d13e3ad27d

  • Did some code rework
  • Added stuff for lidarr implementation
  • Added option for cover description encoding (iTunes cover fix)
  • Added noSpaceLeft exception
  • Added compilation tag to deezer's compilations
  • Added check for deezer availability
  • Added spotifyCache validation (if corrupt it doesn't crash the app)
  • Added option to set tag language (not in UI yet)
  • Made isrc downloads a little bit faster
  • Replaced YEAR with DATE on FLACs as YEAR is not a valid tag
  • Fixed spotify conversion for some Spotify URLs
  • Fixed some errors related to "File does not exsits"
  • Fixed ID3 date format
  • Fixed app not starting maximized when closing maximized
  • Fixed open download folder not wokring on Windows after changing the folder
  • Started working on favorites management